Tiluvar.com Random Video Game Related Ranting http://www.tiluvar.com Prepare Your Clicking Finger! How many clicks does it take to get to the gates of Hell? I don't know, many! But you can start counting in a few hours. http://www.tiluvar.com/index.php?bid=57 Guild Wars 2 Beta Weekend The Guild Wars 2 Beta weekend is finally here. Will it be the saviour of the genre? just another WoW clone? Crash to desktop before I can log in? http://www.tiluvar.com/index.php?bid=56 Do we really have to know everything? As I've mentioned several times before, part of the draw of these online worlds that now have millions of inhabitants is that you don't always know what's around the next corner, behind the next asteroid, or uh... well whatever you get the point. http://www.tiluvar.com/index.php?bid=55 Heroic Ironman Despite my better judgement, I've decided to join a small, slowly growing movement in World of Warcraft; the Ironman Challenge. http://www.tiluvar.com/index.php?bid=54 Guild Wars 2 Beta ArenaNet has decided to open up Guild Wars 2 beta signups for the next 48 hours only. http://www.tiluvar.com/index.php?bid=53 I Think I Might Be a Fan Boy After playing Final Fantasy X and loving every minute of it (Except Blitzball but that goes without saying) I eargerly anticipated the arrival of Final Fantasy X-2, hoping that it would continue the sombre storyline of the FFX. http://www.tiluvar.com/index.php?bid=52 Humble Beginnings I'm not sure what it is about this weekend, I suppose playing EverQuest yesterday has brought a lot of old gaming memories to the surface. In this case one game in particular. http://www.tiluvar.com/index.php?bid=51 Full Circle It's a quiet Saturday night, and as I'm currently on call for work and it's starting to dip into the negatives these days, I'm even less inclined than normal to venture out in search of alcohol. http://www.tiluvar.com/index.php?bid=50 Here We Go Finally the incessant whining of thousands of jaded gamers has been heard. We’re the ones that cringe when we cross a check point, moan endlessly about button mashing, and are simply bored by beating high-definition bosses with the pattern based intelligence of Bowser. http://www.tiluvar.com/index.php?bid=49 What I'm Playing Every once in a while I reconnect with an old friend from EverQuest or another online game, occasionally someone from high school or even earlier and as a testament to just how much of a video game nerd I've been over the years the same question always comes up; "What are you playing these days?". http://www.tiluvar.com/index.php?bid=48