About Tiluvar

Tiluvar and the Sheep That Shaped Him

Shortly after finally deciding to retire from EverQuest, I made this page in an effort not only to be able to keep in contact with the friends I had made, but to ensure that Tiluvar would always continue to live on in one form or another.

While I usually find myself ranting about massively multiplayer games, or just video games in general that have nothing to do with EverQuest, the way I perceive online interactions with others and how I feel about challenges in video games comes from what I learned from my EverQuest guild, Sheep.

Keeping Tiluvar alive through this site is not so much an egotistical pursuit, as it is me paying my respect to all the people who were part of Sheep, and making sure that they know that even now as I write this more than ten years after the fact, I do still remember what I learned from you all both in game, and out, and the least I can do is provide you with a Sheepish point of view on the games I play, to help stave off the boredom at work.

If you would like to contact me for any reason, please feel free using the contact page.